about doing fine


Everytime someone asks me me how I feel I want to tell them that I’m doing fine, that I actually feel good. Because I do feel good. I really am doing fine. But I’m doing me fine. I’m not doing their kind of fine. Not now. Not yet. And thats okay for now. 
Right now doing fine means a day without crying, or even a day where the crying won’t set the agenda for the rest of the day. Right now a good day is a day when I put on some make up and take a long walk with my camera. Right now a good day can even be a day when I do nothing but watch TV and drink lots of tea, and still don’t feel like I’m wasting my life.

Right now doing fine doesn’t mean that I will go out and find myself i job tomorrow. Not because I’m lazy. I’m just ain’t doing that kind of fine yet.

But still, if you ask me how I feel I will tell you that I’m doing fine. And some days I’ll do freaking amazing. My kind of amazing. And for now, thats more than okay.


  1. I can relate. I don't even think about it anymore because for 'me' I am doing fine. If not, I probably wouldn't be talking to that person and I would be lying in bed. When I tell people what I did on my 'I felt great' day they say 'That's it?' What do you mean 'that's it', it's amazing. lol

  2. Yeah I totally know what you mean. Before I got my new meds a good day was a day when I didn't cry. And now it's easier, but that doesn't mean that having a great day for me means that I'm up for applying to ten differnt jobbs and start writing a new CV. A great day is like being outside with my camera and not feeling like a mess for a couple of hours. /ida

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