A One Hour Tour Inside My Mind

  It will soon be morning and I’m not sleeping. Again. Therefore I feel that it is my obligation to tell you all why. And by that I mean give you a list of all thats been moving around in my head lately. 

 First thought: This was like an hour ago.
  “I want to go on a photo walk. I need to go on a photo walk. But it’s all dark outside and late and I really should be sleeping. But I still want to go for a walk. And the air smells like magic. One should not be stuck on the balcony when the air smells like magic.”
  And not going on that walk lead to:

 Second thought: 
  “I still want to blog tomorrow. But I don’t have anything to write about. Mainly because I don’t have a life. I do need to get a life. Or new clothes. Yeah the thought of new clothes is good. And clothes I know where to buy. A life is probably way to expensive anyway. Oh wait wasn’t I suppose to come up with something to blog about.”
  And then I thought:

More thoughts: 
  “Maybe I should write about what I look forward to with the fall. Like tea and scented candles. Oh I need to light a candle now.”
  But I didn’t find a lighter so the thougts went on:
  ” Or maybe I’ll write about how you can’t add ice cream to a smoothie because once you add the ice cream it becomes a milkshake or a ice cream drink or something like that. And sometime in the future I need to explain how there is a scientific explanation to my sushi addiction. Because yeah there is one. It has something to to with how the fish feels on the tongue or something. I think. I think I leave the science stuff for others to write about. Now I want to eat sushi. Great. Well, maybe it’s time to sleep now?”

But obviously I didn’t sleep. What I did was writing this blogpost and now I’m still not sleepy but a bit of hungry. So, how was your night?


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