5 Ways of Getting the Cleaning More Fun

  I whish I could write an really inspiring post about how to not get your home all messy. But we all know that that don’t work no matter how much we want it to, don’t we? So what to do when you actually have to take care of all the dust and all of those things that you have missplaced? I think it’s time to make the cleaning as fun as possible. Or at least a way to get it done without wanting to hide in the bed instead.
  So here are my 5 best tips for gettingn the cleaning up done.

getting the cleaning more fun

  1. Get some fun thing to clean with. We by nice colurfun clothes to motivate us to get to the gym or get ut and rum. So why not get some nice colorful stuff for when it’s cleaning time to? Like a nice appron and dishcloth with some insperational quote on it. Just because celanig is boring it doesn’t mean you have to look boring while doing it, right?

  2. Ad some music and dance it out. When the cleaning has to be done, why not dance at the same time.  It might not work for all kinds of cleaning, but at least it will make some of it a lot funnier. And who knows, it might even give you the time to learn some new moves for the next time you hit a real dancefloor.

  3 Pretend that you are a house elf. First get dressed for the part. I’m not saying that you have to put on a old sheet or wear nothing but a old curtain. I think a appron over you regular clothes and maybea a tea-hat will do just as good. And then it’s just to act the part. Pretend that you love to clean and that making the house shine makes you hearet swell over with joy. And don’t forget the mumblering to yourself part.
“Clening all the little thingies makes me so happy, yes.” 
Don’t know what a house elf is? Read Harry Potter I tell you.

   4 Bribe your self. Sett up a ceaning goal for the day and when you have achived it you give yourself some kind of a treat. For exanple my treat for being done with all the cleaning up today is being allowed to finish this post, and then do some pilates training. Of course I could have done these things anyway, but I wouldn’t have felt so good doing them as I will do now.

  5. Count the things. This one always works for me. I say to myself; okay today I sould pick up or clean 100 things. And then I do that. Doing this always makes the cleaning up feel a bit less overwhelming. And by the time I done 50 things the results start to show, and today when I had done 80 things I had to start looking for things to pick up and put back in their right place. This one works great with kids to. Being told to pick up 20 things from the floor is much more graspable than beeing told to clean up on the floor.

So there you have my cleaning tips. Have anyone for me? 

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