5 Things I Love

This is 5 things I love right now.

1. Hurraw! Lip Balm
 The Hurraw! lipbalm is a all natural, organic, vegan and it also meets the requirements to be labeled as Fair Trade. And it comes in a lot of different flavors. And it really gets the job done, it makes the lips so soft. I have the chai spiced and the licorice ones and I love them. They are actually the first lip balms in a lot of years that I haven’t lost in just a couple of months, that’s who god they are.

2. Sunnyside Bubble Bar from Lush
 Okey I actually haven’t tried this one yet. But it smells really nice and it’s said to give your bathwater a bright gold color and it also ads a shimmer to it. So therefor I’m saving this one for a rainy day when I’m in need some extra happiness. I promise you a full review once I’ve tried it.

3. My Scented Candles
 This is on the other hand something that I won’t be saving. Mostly because I have a lot of them, but also because autumn is coming. It might be a Swedish thing, but lighting candles is one of the cosiest things one can do during the cold months that lies before us.
4. My Brave Soul Sweater
 This sweather is one of two that I bought at the Asos sale some weeks ago. And I knew as soon as I put this one on that it was to become this seasons absolute favorite. It’s big and soft and so cozy that I feel like living in it. The winter got nothing on me now.

5. You
Yes you. Each and everyone of you that read, looked, shared and commented on this blog for the last month. You are just so amazing. Thank you.


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