5 Things I Love- Colors

Hello my darlings.

  Today I want to share with you 5 colors/shades I love right now. It will be some clothes, some makeup and some candles, the usual autumn stuff.

1. Purple/Plum Colored Tops
  There are three reasons why I love this shade right now. First of all it have the perfect feeling of autumn over it. Second of all, it match almost every single one of my skirts. And for the third, it looks really good on me.

2. Gray Skirts
  For me gray really is the new black this season, especially when it comes to skirts. I think that a lot of times a gray skirt looks way better combined with a dark colored top and a pair of black tights, than a black one does.
  I have three of them already and I also got my eyes on two other ones on the internet. When I like something I tend to become a bit obsessed. But a girl can have whorse obsessions than skirts, right?

3. My Blue Grandma Scarf
  My aunt bought the yarn that is in this scarf at least 25 years ago, with the intention to make something for my grandma out of it. But then grandma died, and the yarn was forgotten about. And then maybe 10 years ago I got it from my aunt, and about 4 years ago I finally made a scarf out of it.
  And it’s blue and it’s so cozy and it somehow makes me feel closer to my grandma. And that feels really nice.

4. Really dark lipsticks.
  Yes they are the hottest thing ever right now, I know. But even if I’m far from the only one who totaly adores dark lipsticks right now I felt that they needed to be on this list.
  Dark lips looks good on me. There you got it. My only reason for loving dark lipsticks is that they make me look good. And I love the feeling of looking good.
5. (White) Vanilla Candles.
  I haven’t bought any autumn scented candles yet, so right now vanilla is my favorite scent. I find other white candles a bit boring though.
  The big one in the front is from Ikea, and it actually smelled so nice that I had to put it away after taking these photos because it was making me hungry. I guess I should be glad it doesn’t smell like sushi.

And now it’s your turn. What is your favorite color right now?


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