5 Kinds Of Blog Posts I Love To Read

Hello darlings.
  I love reading blogs. I spend about two hours a day reading the amazing content that other bloggers create. (And think that I will never be as good as them, but that’s another story.) I have some favorite blogs that I pretty much check for new content as soon as I wake up. And then there are some more bloggers that I follow on Twitter so that I don’t miss out on their stuff either. And then I read some random posts that I tend to find all over soical media.
  And even if I love to get some variation on what I read, there are some kinds of blog posts that I favour to read. Today I will be sharing with you my 5 favorite kinds of posts. These are the kinds of posts that I like to read even if I know nothing about the writer, and that also helps me discover new blogs to follow.
5 Kinds Of Blog Posts I Love To Read
1. OOTD Posts.
  I love to see what you are wearing, it’s as simple as that. But I also like it when you tell me about what you are wearing, how you where thinking when you choosed your outfit and so on. The way you dress inspires me. To see others that love their clothes makes me love my clothes even more. To see others dressing up (or down) and taking pride in their looks just makes me so happy.
  Tell me about a OOTD post you made and I will probably take a look at it. And if you post a lot of them there is a big chance I take a look at at least five of them before leaving, just to make sure I don’t miss a really important one.
2. Makeup Posts.
  I’m a bit of a newbie when it comes to makeup. Or at leat when it comes to anything more advanced than mascara and some red lipstick. So when it comes to makeup I want to know anything you can teach me. Except when it comes to contouring, that’s something I just don’t get. But I love reading reviews on all the stuff I can’t afford to buy, and tips and tricks on how to apply stuff and I even like the jealous feeling I get from seeing your big collection of Mac lipsticks. (BTW: Cand anyone please tell me what shape my face is?)
3. Anything Related To Lush.
  I know, I know, I’m far from the only girl on the internet with an unhealthy obsession with Lush. But I love their stuff, and to hear others talking about their love for their products makes my obsession feel a bit more sane. 
4. Any Kind Of Lists That Are Realated Season.
  I love lists. I love making them and I love reading them. I also love every single season, at least the first two weeks of them. So any list related to season is a jackpot in my book. That means that a list containing dark lipstick, hot chocolate and colorful leaves is pretty much the best thing you can give me at the moment.
5. Haul Posts.
  A post where you show me all the stuff you just bought makes me feel a bit like actually having friends. No, just kidding. (Seriously, don’t feel sorry for me. That sounded a lot more sad than I meant it to do. And I do have friends too.)
  The real reason that I love haul posts, or videos, is that they let me conect with the blogger on an other level than I do in any other kind of post. By showing up the things you bought you give me a chance to get a sense of how alike we are as persons, and I really like that. Also they are just so much fun.
So, what’s your favorite kind of blog post?


  1. A blog about blog posts- what's not to like? I have recently began writing a blog so it's great to hear what regular blog readers like yourself like reading. I especially think writing about LUSH is a great idea – I also have an unhealthy obsession with the brand and always feel the need to take photos of my products so I won't be short for blog posts now – Thanks 🙂

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