12 Times I (kind of) Failed At Life

Hello my darlings.
  Today I decided to share with you some of my less successful moments. Maybe you can see yourself, or someone you know, in some of them. I hope than you can, since that would mean that I’m not alone having them. Other than that I hope that at least I can make you smile.

*The time I was almost four and told my aunt to tuck back my newborn cousin because he didn’t looked done yet.

*The time I was eight and told a friend that another friend thought she was a monkey cow. (Social skills, me? Nope.)

*When I was like 12 years old and bought this really high wedges to wear at the last day of school. Oh my!

*The time I forgot how to bend my elbow and freaked out for a while.

*The time Mr. A:s mother told us she loved us, and I became confused and asked her why.

*The time I told my friends that salmon is the best invention ever and they gave me the ‘you are stupid’ look.

*Everytime I try to have a productive day, but end up doing nothing for several hours and not starting the actually doing stuff until sometime after we had dinner. (Like I did today.)

*The time I forgot to put my tea mug to my mouth and ended up pouring tea on the floor.

*The time I asked a friend how long ten minutes are, and once again got the ‘you are stupid’ look.

*The time(s) I went shopping instead of doing my laundry even if I had laundry time.

*Everytime I pack to go somewhere and try to bring three times as much as I need.

*Everytime I buy someone a gift and end up telling them what it is because I can’t keep those things secret.

And now please tell me about a time when you did/said something not so smart?



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