10 Reasons Men Don’t Like Dark Lipstick.

Hello darlings.
Today I’m going to talk about one of my absolute favorite things in the world: Lipsticks. Or more specific the reasons why men don’t like dark lipstick. I guess you’ve all seen the articles around the internet, and I assume that at least some of you have done like me and read them. You know what kind of articles I’m talking about right? They all have titles like: “5 kinds of makeup not to wear to a date”, “Makeup trends that men just don’t like” or even “10 kinds of makeup that men don’t find attractive”. And they all seem to tell us that the thing that should be most important to us is what men think of us, and that is the main reason for us to wear makeup.

10 Reasons Men Don't Like Dark Lipstick.

If you expect this to be another article/post like that sorry not sorry to disappoint you because it’s not. This is all about what I think are the real reasons that men don’t like dark lipsticks. Absolutely nothing scientific, just some feministic ranting for your entertainment.

10 reasons men don’t like dark lipstick.

1. Because they are afraid to get it on their white collars. This is something I’ve actually read a while back as one of the reason one should not be wearing red lipstick to a date. And well I don’t know about you but I know I go all crazy around men in white shirts, feeling that I just have to use their collar as a napkin. So yes totally relevant reason.

2. Because it might give kids the wrong idea about beauty. What if little girls gets the idea that there is more than one way to be beautiful? What will come next? 10 year olds who knows that they are good enough the way they are? 7 year olds understanding that they don’t have to look like a Disney princes to be beautiful?

3. Because they care about us and know how much we hate getting lipstick on out coffee mug. And we might get it on our teeth while eating and that looks so unpleasant. And oh wait, are we back on how it is for them again? Oops, guess we are.

4. Because it will make us look like we try to hard.  I don’t really get what they’re thinking we try to hard to do to be honest. Impress them or each other? Scare them away or scare little childer. Fell good about our self? If you think you know, please tell me.

5. Because it make us look like we’re prude and don’t want them to kiss us. Yes because of course we are prudes if we’re prudes if we don’t want to kiss on the first date.

6. Becasue if we end up kissing them anyway, they will end up looking like clowns. Well if a person is worth kissing, I do thing they should be worth some smeared lipstick too.

10 Reasons Men Don't Like Dark Lipstick.

7. Because it’s not minimal. And we all know that men like minimal makeup. Women should look good, but not looking to much like they try to look good, or know that they look good. Becasue once again it’s out makeup is all about them.

8. Because just like wearing too much mascara it’s false advertising.  I have so many things to say about this one. First women are not products that need to be advertised. Second, if you really think my lips are dark purlpe it’s not my problem. Third, just be quiet okay?

9. Because it’s not natural. Well we all know that men are all about what’s natural right? Yeah men that think that they need to have a opinion about women’s lipstick for some reason also seem to think that they need to have an opinion on our body hair. Why do they think that all about us really is all about them?

10. Because deep down inside they know how powerful it makes us feel. And OMG how damn scary and unpleasant it can be with women that feel empowered, they might even talk about thing that matter to THEM. Gosh scary stuff. I mean what if dark lipstick is a gateway to hardcore feminism?

Ta ta for now. Don’t forget that you are all amazing, with or without lipstick, and no matter what gender you are.


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  1. oh wow, i should not wearing dark lipstik..
    In my country, dark lisptic is on trending.. But when I read this, i think i should stop follow other to use dark lipstic and be myself and care about other who see me.
    Thanks for sharing

  2. I don’t know about all men, but my bf might not like coloured lipsticks because I don’t let him kiss me if I have just put my lipstick on. 😀 Ah, but other than that, women just like make-up and lipsticks for themselves. It makes them happy! And men should be totally fine with that. 🙂
    P.S. The post title was very intriguing, great work on that! 🙂

    • Ida

      Yeah I don’t really like to kiss away a good lipstick either. And yes men should understand that, but sad enough many men don’t.
      Thank you love. 🙂

  3. THIS POST IS SO IMPORTANT! I love dark lipsticks and wear them a lot. It’s so important to wear whatever makes you happy without worrying if a man or anyone else is gonna like it. x


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