Wednesday Wish List: Dear Santa.

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Hello everyone.
This weeks Wednesday Wish List will be a different, instead of showing you a some pretty stuff that I wish was mine I will show you my (very newly written) letter to Santa. This because of the fact that I’ve spent most of my day trying to make my blog look a little bit prettier and there for haven’t had the time to look up stuff and then make a collage and so on. And it was also way to late to take a new picture due to the lack of daylight, so instead I give you one that I made some days ago when I as usual was doing some well planed procrastination. So even if this isn’t my usual kind of wish list post I really hope you will like to read it.


Dear Santa.
I know I’m a bit old to be writing to you, but I really hope that you will read my wish list anyway.
The thing is Santa that I’ve come to this boring age where I don’t really want anything for Christmas. I’m at the age where all I want is some (read: a lot of) nice Christmas candy a little tinsel in the window.
But I’m not really writing this letter to tell you that I don’t want anything for Christmas. Because there is actually one gift that I would like to get from you this year. Or would love to get from you actually, and I thought that if this thing is the only thing that I ask for this year than maybe, just maybe you could get it for me, because that’s how it works right?
The thing is I want my life back. I want my life, without depression, without anxiety. Just my life, like it used to be. Can I please get that for Christmas, Santa, because that’s all that I want. If I get that I don’t even care for the tinsel. I won’t even secretly wish for half the stuff at H&M Home.
I you give me my life back, I will never wish for anything ever again. I just want to be able to do stuff again without being scared. I want to be able to get a job, to get an income. I want to have somewhere to go every monday morning. I want to be able to go shopping every month with my own money. A life, it don’t have to be an amazing one, it just have to be mine.
Thank you Santa for reading my letter./Love Ida

And now over to you my dear readers. What do you want the most for Christmas?


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November 11, 2015
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  • Reply Tom

    As someone who has struggled with PTSD and depression in the past, this post really stood out to me. I appreciate your putting it out there like that.

    November 12, 2015 at 7:21 pm
  • Reply Tom

    As someone who has struggled with PTSD and depression in the past, I appreciate the waiver this post. I usually don’t read posts about stuff like this because I worked really hard to move on from it. I really like the way you made it a letter to Santa though!

    November 12, 2015 at 7:24 pm
    • Reply Ida

      Thanky you. I glad to hear you are doing better. 🙂

      November 12, 2015 at 7:31 pm

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