How I’m Using StumbleUpon For Blog Growth.

Hello lovely ones.
In January I manage to get almost 40% more side views on my blog than I had in December, and in December I had a full 70% more than I had in November. And I wish that I could say that it is because I’m such an amazing blogger, but the truth is that a lot of the growth is thanks to StumbleUpon. And while the platform might not bring me any loyal readers, it’s still good for SEO and what’s good for SEO is definitely good for future blog growth. And today I will tell you all about how I’m using StumbleUpon for blog growth.

How I'm Using StumbleUpon For Blog Growth

But first thing first…

What is StumbleUpon?

StumbleUpon is a site where you can share pages from the internet that you like, which will give other users the chance to discover these pages by “stumbling” over them. Some pages have a StumbleUpon button and if they don’t one just copy the site address and go to the “add a page” tab on StumbleUpon and paste it there.
When a user sees a page they can choose whether to  give the stumbled page a thumbs up, thumbs down or just stumble away to a new page. The more thumbs up a page get, the more people will have it showing up in there feed.
The pages you have liked, ie. given thumbs up, will be saved under your likes. You can then create lists to organize your likes, for an example I have one list for everything clothing related and one for makeup.
When you first sign up you get to choose some interests, which increases the chance for you to find interesting pages. You can always add or remove interests later.
And you can also follow people. And if I have understood it right, if you follow someone and they like a page, that page is more likely to show up in your feed. So make sure to follow people with similar interests.

How I'm Using StumbleUpon For Blog Growth.

And now…

How I’m Using StumbleUpon For Blog Growth.

The most important thing is, that to gain traffic from StumbleUpon you can’t only add links to your own blog posts. This is really, really important because if you do they will suspect that it is self promotion and send zero page views your way. You also have to use the platform for more than adding pages, so to stumble for a while and like a couple of pages each day is a good idea. It seems that you can’t trick StumbleUpon by sending your stumbled post to someone, or add it to a Facebook group, and ask another person to give it a thumbs up.

What I do:
1. I add almost all my own blog posts to StumbleUpon, and add them to a list.
2. I add 7-10 others posts/pages for each of my own posts. Trying to add both things from big sites like Buzzfeed, and things from other bloggers.
3. I stumble for a while every day and give thumbs up on things I like and things I think deserves some more page views. (Okay I admit that I spend way to much time stumbling tattoos even if I’m too scared to get one.)
4. I cross my fingers and hope for some luck.

And I think that’s it. It will take up some of your time, but if a post goes viral on StumbleUpon it will be your lucky day. If you want to give me a follow you can find me here.

If you feel that this post have helped you in any way, please give it a share on Pinterest (or StumbleUpon) to give it some love, okay? Don’t forget that sharing is caring.



  1. Great post. I have also been looking at ways to increase my blog traffic. I found this website yesterday and it’s given me lots of ideas. Do you use tumblr as well?

  2. Love the idea of using Stumble for own posts. Thanks for this. But I was a little confused by what you meant don’t add your own posts because later you said you did? I don’t know Stumble too well so might be confusing two different things?

  3. I wonder whether SU works on a sort of, you-must-use-it-everyday basis. So far, it seems to be. I see some stumbles to my submissions if I have been using SU consistently for a few days. (But these are minimal)

    • Ida

      I saw a really low traffic at first too. But now it’s better. Not loads to every post though but some have been doing great.

  4. This was such a helpful post, thank you! I’ve just begun venturing into StumbleUpon to help drive traffic to my blog & I’m still learning how best to use it. I knew that adding just your own posts was counterproductive, so have been working on a 9:1 ratio. I didn’t know that it’s helpful to use the stumble feature to appear organic to StumbleUpon, so I’ll definitely be incorporation that into my blogging routine! Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

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